Who we are

We’re the Ashenfelters, Kasey and Emilee, and we started Distill because we love the power of words. We also know how hard it is for entrepreneurs, nonprofits, companies, and others (the list is never ending) to find the time to focus on the words they use and the story they tell. We want to help.

Kasey’s work with nonprofits and higher-education has allowed him to have a wealth of experience with words. He’s written op-eds for local newspapers across the state of Texas and technical research reports; worked on legislative documents and blog posts; and written annual appeal letters, the copy for marketing brochures, social media campaigns, website content, scripts for PSAs, and keynote speeches. He’ll bring all of this experience—getting to know our clients, understanding our audience, and telling compelling stories—to our work with you.

Emilee’s attention to detail and planning is unmatched. She’s spent years in classrooms—teaching and learning—honing her communication skills. If she can communicate something in a way that second graders will understand it and the parents of second graders will appreciate, then she can communicate anything. She also brings a natural gift for planning and can help you put together a plan for your next writing project and will shepherd you along each step to make sure you’re well taken care of and every piece is in its place.

Distill is based in Waco, because Waco is our home. The son of a bull rider and barrel racer, Kasey grew up surrounded by cotton fields in the west Texas town of Clint. Emilee grew up in El Paso, Texas, going to jazz gigs with her drummer dad. They both came to Baylor University in 2004 and haven’t left. Waco is home. It’s where we got married and where our daughter was born. Waco is a rich and loving community, and we want to offer the skills we have to the people working here. But our experience has let us work across Texas—in our big cities and small towns—and in states across the country. We know we all have stories to tell. We want to help you tell yours better. Let’s talk.